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I had my first son years ago and found my sling to be a priceless tool. While the sling I owned was functional, it was difficult to nurse my son in. I started Slings and Baby Things with three important missions:

  • Provide quality slings that are made in the United States by hard-working parents and grandparents
  • Support mothers who want to easily nurse their baby in their pouch sling, and
  • Encourage and provide babywearing products from birth to toddlerhood.

I offer a nursing feature with my pouch slings making all aspects of babywearing easy and enjoyable.

Our latest addition: A Fair Trade clothing line. what a great way to support other women (mom's) in other countries. Monkey Beanz started this great business and has joined the Slings and Baby Things family. Julia and I are pleased to be working as a team. We will continue to maintain our modern designs using the highest quality of fabrics and maintain an amazing working relationship with the women in Thailand.

We both love creating, designing, and working with other woman. We take pride in our work and believe you will love our things and much as we do!

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