Babywearing Benefits

Baby wearing benefits

People all over the world have been wearing their babies hands-free and tending to their daily chores. A sling is a tool that enables you to be with your new baby and keep your daily life as normal as possible. Car seats are heavy to load around, so keep things simple and place them right into your sling from your car.

  • Research indicates that wearing your baby in a sling helps your infant sleep better and cry less.
  • Sling babies learn more and are smarter because they are positioned under their wearer's head and can watch and listen to people interact. This enhances their language, memory, speech, verbal and visual ques
  • The human face is a stimulator for interpersonal bonding.
  • Babies that ride in a sling from the start will feel like they are in a womb like environment, which is warm and soothing from the beating of your heart.
  • Research indicates a sling carrying baby is so involved in the caregiver's world that their developing brain gets help making the right connections.
  • Having your baby right on your body helps you attend to their needs quickly.
  • Most doctors, midwives, doulas, and chiropractors support babywearing as slings naturally support baby's head and spine. All our slings and carriers distribute baby's weight equally on the wears spine and hips.
  • Using a sling makes sibling care easier.
  • Once a child is placed in a sling they feel like they are laying in a hammock and will fall asleep.
  • Dr. Sears indicates, “The womb lasts eighteen months: Nine months inside mother, and nine months outside”. A sling is the most natural place for a baby to continue to grow, develop and thrive outside of the womb.
  • Slings are the best place for slow-weight-gaining babies, premature, and failure to thrive infants.

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