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Wrap Slings

Wrap slings are best for anyone who wants a snug more secure feeling sling, is physically active, or has a larger body frame. If you normally wear an x-large shirt, then a wrap sling would generally fit your body better.

If you are an active person and enjoy walking longer distances, then the wrap sling would be a good fit as it hugs baby tighter in this sling. Remember different slings work for different occasions and functions.

Our wrap slings are made with jersey knit fabric. Jersey knit is the best type of fabric for wrap slings for its softness and stretch. We carry two types of jersey knits, a light weight and regular weight. If it is summer or you tend to get hot, you may want to choose a light weight jersey knit sling. In the cooler months a regular weight jersey knit is ideal.

Differences between the Pouch and Wrap slings

The pouch takes seconds to put on, is compact, and is ideal for new moms to use with newborn babies. The wrap sling bundles baby tighter in all positions and is adjustable to fit any body type. Both slings offer the same benefits to the child, are washable, come in great fabrics, and offer different ways to wear your child up to 35 pounds. Both are easy to use after some practice.

Wrap Slings $50

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20Mint fabric
Light Jersey
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Light Jersey